Project Description


Kotak Mahindra General Insurance Company Ltd. is one of the leading private insurance companies, and also a subsidiary of Kotak Mahindra Bank. The Kotak Mahindra Group, which is one of the largest financial services conglomerates in India, started its associate Kotak Mahindra General Insurance in 2015, headquartered in Mumbai. Since then it has offered various non-life insurance services such as Kotak car insurance, two-wheeler insurance, health insurance, home insurance, fire insurance, marine insurance, liability insurance, and miscellaneous insurance.  Kotak general insurance leads with 45 lakhs plus customers, 62 lakhs plus insurance policy issues, and 1.5 lakh claims are settled to date.


Kotak Mahindra General Insurance has grown exponentially over the past 7 years and has over 600 plus employees. Space management at its offices was one of its biggest challenges as it was operating on a standalone windows application for its space utilization. It was challenging for them to maintain the record manually every time someone wanted to utilize the space. This process was time-consuming and not accurate at times. It was also difficult for them to work on cross utilization between departments, entering data manually, and keeping an account of strenuous activities. What the company needed urgently was an efficient space planning system.

Post COVID-19 Kotak wanted its employees to work from the office while maintaining physical distancing and following the COVID-19 norms. With such a large workforce, and space being managed manually, implementing space management software was the need of the hour. What Kotak general insurance needed was space planning software to help it manage its office space efficiently. The company was looking for hot-desking software to manage the space available in its offices such as workstations, cabins, cubicles, and more. Kotak wanted to integrate space planning software to let its employees book/register the desired/available workplaces to avoid physical contact and maintain social distancing.


Kotak during its extensive research learned that eFACiLiTY® provides the solution to their problem through its customized space planning software.  They also found out that many of the top BFSI clients (Banking, financial services, and insurance) are already using eFACiLiTY® for their space management, making it the most cost-effective solution among all the other providers. eFACiLiTY® offered space management software that works on both web and mobile applications so the employees can have safe working hours. Thanks to eFACiLiTY®, Kotak organized its floor planning using its space management system.

Space management in Kotak is no longer an issue after rolling out the eFACiLiTY® space management software at several sites in 2022. With the implementation of the facility management software, and the meeting room reservation software, Kotak now can easily track & manage its department, project/Centre-wise space allocation, and seat booking. This application gave Kotak accurate data and a floor plan for virtual representation of the space as it integrates with IoT sensors to show real-time occupancy.

Employees at Kotak Insurance can now safely and quickly book their spaces through the mobile app. SMS and email notifications are triggered whenever the space is booked for its confirmation, while in addition, the application has the built-in aptness to restrict time slots in the space to disinfect and clean the workplace.


  • Social distancing norms in the workplace are implemented seamlessly
  • Kotak branded mobile app for end-users to book their hotdesks from anywhere
  • Visualized indoor maps of every floorplan across the facility
  • Real-time occupancy details and dashboards
  • Contactless booking and contactless headcount tracking
  • Configurable space allocation for defined time slots and shifts
  • Instant booking through scanning a QR code on a mobile application
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