Project Tasks Management System

eFACiLiTY® Project Tasks Management System/Project Management Software features project time management and time & activity tracking functionalities. It helps streamline the project management processes, calculate project-specific billable hours spent by employees, track the progress of all the tasks in a project, and monitor the performance of all the executives involved in the project.

eFACiLiTY® Project Management Software offers project planning & time management capabilities. With a comprehensive breakdown of the project & its related tasks with project details, including to be completed/pending, assigned team member for a particular activity, additional hours required, projected overrun, etc. An efficient project management software like eFACiLiTY® lets you take control of the project planning & monitoring and enables you & your team to stay on top of project milestones and deadlines.

  • Project Tasks Management System
  • Project Time Tracking Software
  • Timesheet Tracking Software

eFACiLiTY® Project Management Software has a configurable built-in activity tracking feature that allows organizations to optionally track system activity and compare active hours against the actual hours logged by employees in the project timesheets. The application also has a configurable screenshot-capturing feature that allows organizations to optionally capture screenshots of system activities at random intervals enabling project managers/supervisors to monitor employees and improve productivity.

Employee moonlighting has increased recently; so organizations must be aware as it negatively impacts employee productivity. With eFACiLiTY® Project Management System’s activity tracker and timesheet monitoring system, managers can track employees’ activity and ensure that every minute is accounted for to approve/reject timesheets accordingly. On the other hand, employees will be more conscious about supervision and accountability, will organize themselves better, and become more efficient and productive, helping reduce moonlighting in the organization.

Project Tasks Management System – Key Features

  • Create internal work orders for projects

  • Create projects based on the internal work orders and specify required project tools

  • Create and assign tasks to employees

  • Employees can record their timesheets against the assigned tasks

  • Record and track client-specific efforts estimation and billing hours

  • Create multiple projects belonging to different teams

  • Specify the performance index (PI) of employees while assigning tasks to evaluate their efficiency

  • Move tasks from one project to another project seamlessly

  • Allocate multiple resources against a task

  • Share and collaborate on documents, calendars, and contact lists

  • Easy review of project status – the project status can be instantly viewed, with details of hours consumed so far and remaining project time

  • Export timesheets and data in various formats like text files, spreadsheets, etc.

  • Automated mail alerts/notifications for weekly expected time shortage, timesheet submission & daily expected hours

  • A work planning chart provides a visual outline of scheduled tasks for the day/week, etc.

  • For project and non-project tasks, employees can submit timesheets with balance hours and percentage completed

  • Timesheets review/approval routing

  • Automatic on-duty requests for approved timesheet entries for both Work from Home /Work at the office

  • Import tasks against the project from MS Excel

  • Timesheet approved hours as working hours’ concept for time and attendance system integration i.e., for calculating attendance

  • Integration with bug tracking tools to view project-wise defect reports

  • Dashboard view of task summary, current overruns, and projected overruns

  • Real-time reports and charts give insight into project status, employee timesheets & performance, team performance, timesheet summary, performance index, etc.

  • View effort overrun reports with/without performance index value – project-wise, project task-wise, project team member-wise, project PM-PL-wise, etc.

  • Submit project-wise billing/timesheets to clients for invoicing

  • Tight integration with eFACiLiTY® Time & Attendance software to manage the attendance of your remote employees and with eFACiLiTY® Payroll Management software to manage employee payroll processing

  • Provision for supervisors to approve/reject employee-submitted timesheets after comparing them against the system’s active hours

  • Activity Comparison Report, Activity Screenshot Report, and Activity Watcher Dashboard to monitor employee activities like active hours, timesheet submitted & approved hours, and on-duty clocked hours, etc.

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