Incident Management System

An incident can disrupt the operations, services, or functions of an organization. So, implementing the right incident management software is essential for the smooth running of business operations that can also help to increase your productivity. eFACiLiTY® Incident Management System facilitates users to report all types of incidents including security incidents, safety incidents, vehicle incidents, IT/non-IT incidents, injuries and illnesses, spills, property damage, and so on.

eFACiLiTY® Incident Management Software enables the admins/managers to manage the entire incident management activities efficiently and helps them to track, prioritize, and assign appropriate teams to quickly respond and resolve incidents reported, identify root cause, and implement corrective actions with defined SLAs. The software also provides complete visibility of the entire incident life cycle with an audit trail and enables organizations to implement root cause analysis, corrective and preventive action processes for all incidents.

  • Incident Management System
  • Incident Management System
  • Incident Management System

Incident Reporting Software – Key Functions

  • Configurable incident categories & sub-categories
  • Configurable injury types & causes, resolution types
  • Record incidents, set priorities, and assign investigation teams
  • Track all activities, events, follow-ups, communication, etc.
  • Enhanced incident tracking with detailed injury information
  • Create work orders for corrections & scheduled maintenance policies for preventive actions
  • Link incidents to location/asset/equipment
  • Record severity of an injury or illness, injury type, etc.
  • Automated task assignments, reminders, and configurable workflows
  • Implement Service Level Adherence (SLA) tracking, monitoring, and internal & external escalation notifications
  • Perform root cause analysis, corrective and preventive actions
  • Record solutions and post in the knowledgebase
  • Complete incident monitoring with a variety of configurable reports
  • Comprehensive analytics with compliance to ITIL standards
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eFACiLiTY® Incident Management App

With eFACiLiTY® Incident Management App, facility users can now report all types of incidents instantly and incident management teams can quickly respond and resolve these incidents on the go!

  • Scan a QR code and report an Incident
  • Report incidents and upload evidence (i.e., photos, videos, etc.)
  • Record details of the injury, first aid, and eyewitness
  • Teams can view registered incidents, set priorities, and assign investigation teams
  • Investigation teams can find & update root cause, correction, and corrective actions
  • Track all the activities, events, and follow-ups
  • Link schedule maintenance policies for preventive actions and raise work orders for corrections
  • White labelled CAFM/IWMS system

Available on App Store and Google Play

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Integration with other eFACiLiTY® modules that automates your Incident Management processes end-to-end


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