Instant Feedback System

The occupants/employees of buildings don’t report the problems they see in the toilets/cafeterias/common areas or give feedback/suggestions to improve the services owing to reasons like not knowing whom to report to, or due to the efforts needed to raise a complaint, or just due of sheer lack of interest. This leads to the need for doing frequent monitoring/inspections involving additional manpower and a lot more efforts to maintain the facility at its best.

Our eFACiLiTY® Instant Feedback System makes it super friendly for the occupant to report a problem in a single click or give their feedback thereby making life easy for the facility managers to improve the standards.

IFS Kiosk

Instant Feedback with Touch-panels/Kiosks

Good looking wall-mounted touch-panels/kiosks can be installed in areas like toilets, cafeterias, workspaces, lobby and other common areas which can display

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Instant Feedback with Smart IoT

One-touch feedback or service calls/requests/problem recording can be achieved by installing Smart IoT buttons at various locations in the facility like inside the toilets, cafeteria serving areas, workspaces, etc.


Instant Feedback with QR-code Posters

eFACiLiTY® also has provisions to create good looking location-specific Graphic Posters with QR codes. These posters can be pasted in all areas of the facility to

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The eFACiLiTY® Instant Feedback System helps facility managers to significantly enhance the quality of their services while saving manpower costs and enhancing occupant experience.

Instant Feedback System – Key Features

  • Collect Instant Feedback via Wall-display Panels / Tablets / Kiosks / Smart IoT Buttons / QR-Codes etc.
  • Optional Access Card or NFC / Smart Phone authentication for getting user information
  • Site / Area / Location / Facility Type specific feedback configurations
  • Feedback analytics via dashboards based on the average rating of all feedbacks and transactional reports
  • SLA monitoring and corrective action updates to the requestor through helpdesk integration
  • Templates with user-definable texts, questions, feedback ratings and background images based on location & feedback
  • Instant Email / SMS / WhatsApp notifications on receipt of negative/positive feedback
  • Capture general feedback and complaints at retail outlets, showrooms, service centres, banks, visitor lobbies, etc.
  • Monitor the workflow of managing poor feedback and issues reported till the corrective actions are fully completed within the defined SLA
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eFACiLiTY® Smart Facility App

Collect meaningful feedback from occupants instantly with eFACiLiTY® Smart Facility App!

  • Site/Area/Location-based feedback
  • QR codes scanning to provide feedback making it precise and auto-assign to respective staff
  • Raise helpdesk calls/work orders against negative feedback
  • Real-time feedback dashboard
  • Configurable SMS/app notification/WhatsApp messages
  • Instant Feedback System
  • Instant Feedback System
  • Instant Feedback System

Available on App Store and Google Play

apple Store
  • Instant Feedback System
  • Instant Feedback System
  • Instant Feedback System

eFACiLiTY® Instant Feedback Kiosk App

Designed to maximize occupant response rates, gather insights into facility users’ overall experience for making more informed decisions!

  • Attractive and easy-to-use interface
  • Employee Access Card/NFC-Smart Phone integration
  • Set up location-specific (washrooms, cafeteria, reception, etc.) feedback questions
  • Auto-create helpdesk calls against feedbacks registered for quick actions
  • Reduce operational/maintenance costs through instant corrective action for faulty equipment
  • End-users/occupants can leave comments against negative feedback provided
  • Real-time feedback dashboard

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