Capital Project Management System

A capital project in a facility might be simple cosmetic upgrades or new infrastructure additions like new buildings/conference rooms or projects that include expansion, renovation/refurbishment, new equipment purchase, conducting corporate events/parties, etc., with defined budgets. eFACiLiTY® Capital Project Management System is a comprehensive capital management software designed for the unique needs of facility administrators/managers to track & manage multiple capital projects and improve project planning while keeping the projects within estimated budgets.

eFACiLiTY® Capital Project Management Software enables facility admins/managers to collect and maintain all data related to capital projects and programs in a site/facility and effectively monitor, and control the project’s processes, budget, scope, and schedule throughout its lifecycle.

eFACiLiTY® Capital Project Management Software with its effective expenditure management capabilities allows the users to also manage project-related vendor activities to keep a tab on the project’s course & budget. It allows the users/facility owners to track key project milestones thus enabling them to reduce schedule & cost overruns and streamline cost accounting on projects.

  • Capital Project Management

Capital Project Management System – Key Features

  • Configurable client/client group or departments for tracking project requests
  • Configurable project & project type categories (building, equipment, etc.)
  • Configurable task type & task categories
  • Definable project status & project stages
  • Configure project milestones for easy traceability
  • Raise capital project requests with budget/estimate
  • Upload attachments with project requests i.e., proposals, drawings, documents, etc.
  • Define project spending pattern
  • Custom workflows for approval routing
  • Configure multi-stage review & approval process
  • Create work orders against capital projects
  • Create/assign tasks against approved capital projects
  • Upload RFQ/quotes against tasks/projects
  • Create purchase orders to vendors for approved RFQ/quotations
  • Track and manage capital project-related procurement
  • Configurable workflow definition based on client/department
  • Provision to amend budget/estimate in case of budget overrun
  • SMS/Email notifications and alerts for project approvals to user-defined groups
  • Import project details from MS Excel
  • Alerts/notifications to configured users when the actual cost exceeds a pre-defined threshold percentage of the project value
  • Interactive dashboard to view project-wise budget/value at a glance
  • Spending pattern dashboard displaying project-wise cost variance & budget forecast across the project lifecycle providing insight to current resource usage & spending

  • Generate reports that include project status reports, PO status summary, short closed purchase orders, etc.
  • Flexible integrations with ERP and other financial applications for seamless accounting & invoicing
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Tight Integration with eFACiLiTY® EAM/CMMS Modules for managing capital projects effectively

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Enterprise Asset Management System (CMMS/EAM)


Enterprise Facility Management Software (CAFM/IWMS)

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