Card Management System

eFACiLiTY® Card Management System is a web-based card management software that facilitates the HR/facility/security admins to manage the issue of long-term and short-term ID Cards/badges/passes to contractors, employees, regular visitors like drivers of employees, etc.

eFACiLiTY® Card Management Software manages the entire ID/Access Card lifecycle from registration, issuance, tracking, usage monitoring till the expiration.

  • Card Management System
  • Card Management Software
  • Contractor ID Badge Issuing System

Card Management Software – Key Features

  • Registration of employees, contractors, temporary staff, and drivers
  • Issue long-term and short-term badges/passes to contractors, temporary staff, drivers of employees, etc.
  • User-defined badge templates for designing and printing
  • Email/SMS alerts on badges/passes that are expiring
  • Register issued badges, expired badges, and badges nearing expiry
  • Auto-update of employee badges/passes in the user profile
  • Disable lost badges
  • Integration with Access Control & Time & Attendance devices
  • Extensive reporting
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