Waste Management System

eFACiLiTY® Waste Management system comprehensively manages the waste management process of all types of wastes generated at a facility and the environmental sustainability/green building compliance requirements of organizations. The waste management module features include inventory tracking, waste disposal tracking, waste-related analytics, carbon footprint calculation, etc.

  • Waste Management System
  • waste disposal tracking system
  • waste management tracking system

Waste Management System – Key Features

  • Configurable waste classifications (hazardous, non-hazardous, e-waste, etc.)
  • Manage all types of wastes including organic/food waste, paper waste, plastic waste, bottles/cans, electronic waste, other chemical wastes, etc. along with its disposal methods
  • Returnable and Non-returnable waste processing/disposal methods
  • Waste compliance monitoring (In-House processed/Vendor processed)
  • Accurate waste inventory tracking
  • Recyclers/Waste Processing Vendors maintenance
  • Estimate waste disposal costs and manage waste disposal invoices against respective vendors (collectors/transporters/disposers)
  • Complete traceability of wastes generated, disposal, sent for landfill, sent for processing & returnable/non-returnable
  • Issue/receive waste processing certificates to or from vendors for recycled waste
  • Risk Management/Safety Instructions for handling hazardous waste
  • Integration with Cafeteria module for monitoring kitchen/food waste generated and processed
  • Compliance to LEED, IGBC green building requirements, and automated data integration with USGBC’s LEED Arc platform
  • Carbon footprint calculation based on waste disposal methods
  • Extensive reporting/analytics on the waste generated, processed/recycled, and sent as landfill
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