Time and Attendance Software, Time Attendance Tracking Software

eFACiLiTY® Time and Attendance System helps you streamline employee attendance & boosts employee productivity in your workplace. Time and Attendance Management Software provides improved efficiency, accuracy, and productivity to the resource management and HR process in your organizations. This system has inbuilt Roster management and also tightly integrates with access control systems to provide employee attendance & overtime information and generate exceptions to their respective departments, HR and Payroll systems.

eFACiLiTY® is customizable to fit your workplace needs. Track employees present in the workplace, who are on leave and their work hours all at one place. It takes care of employee attendance allowing the HR and line managers to focus on other business priorities.

  • Time and Attendance Software
  • Time Attendance Tracking Software
  • Time and Attendance Management Software

Time and Attendance Software, Time Attendance Tracking Software – Key Features

  • Employee profile, shift management & rostering
  • Roster approval and re-assignment
  • Employee / department shift calendar
  • Manual Clock-in and out from both on the web and mobile app
  • Track time-in and time-out of every personnel
  • Enhanced reminder email configuration for late clock-in, early clock-out & other exceptions
  • Overtime calculation and reporting
  • Leave / Permissions / on-duty requests & approval
  • Integrates with multiple access control systems & HR / Payroll systems
  • Mobile App based clock-in / out and leave requests
  • Configurable Comp-off Generation/Expiry definition
  • Leave management and workflow management
  • Improved report filters & optimized data binding methods for faster reporting
  • Preference / Priority-based leave deduction for less hours worked exception
  • Export data to payroll system
  • “View My Calendar” gives the overview of leave status, working hours, worked hours, etc., at a glance

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eFACiLiTY® Smart Facility App

Tracking employee attendance is easy with a mobile app in place. Take advantage of the customizable workflows and get complete visibility to manage employees from anywhere with eFACiLiTY® Smart Facility App.

  • Manual clock-in and clock-out
  • Time & GPS location-based attendance
  • Leave/Permissions (time-offs)/On-duty requests & approvals
  • Auto-reminders for clock-in & out
  • Access control system integration for attendance log
  • View leave availability & applied leave status
  • Set up mail alerts or notifications for approvals and reminders
  • Time and Attendance Software
  • Time Attendance Tracking Software
  • Time and Attendance Management Software

Available on App Store and Google Play

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eFACiLiTY® will manage your Remote Workforce using Work-from-Home option

Employee attendance tracking has become a major concern for organizations when it comes to remote workers and people opting to work-from-home which has significantly increased during COVID-19. eFACiLiTY® allows you to manage the attendance management process of your remote employees seamlessly.

  • Employee type wise Work-from-home eligibility
  • Work-from-home requests and approvals
  • Shift rostering based on reduced occupancy levels to be maintained
  • Employee clock-in and clock-out via mobile app
  • Integration with timesheet software/project management software for attendance calculations
  • Approved working hours concept for Payroll integration to pay for hours/days worked
Time and Attendance Software

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