• Patrol Management System

Patrol Management System

Patrol Management System is a convenient and powerful software that helps in patrol planning, report generation, shift assignment, database maintenance and hardware settings. The functions of patrol management are scheduled automatically and predefined locations can be controlled based on actual time. Patrol history and related reports, guard patrol performance report etc., helps to manage own team and vendor performance effectively. Emergency alerts points and incident reporting helps improve security and scanning of checkpoints through NFC and BLE using low-cost Android devices makes it simple and cost-effective implementation.

Patrol Management System – Key Features

  • Shift Assignment
  • Patrol Check Point
  • Patrol Routes and Frequency
  • Patrollers / Guards Clock-In / Out terminals
  • Daily Patrol Route Assignment
  • Patrol History
  • Access Control System Integration
  • Dashboard / Reports
  • Patrol Score Summary
  • Patrol Management – Mobile App
    • Clock-In via Scanning NFC, BLE & RFID
    • My Route
    • Scan Checkpoints
    • Patrol History
    • SOS / Emergency Alert

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