Patrol Management System

eFACiLiTY® Patrol Management System is a software that has a mobile and web component that enables security managers to track the patrolling operations by creating routes and assigning the security guards to do the patrolling and registering the activity by scanning QR codes/NFC tags/RFID/BLE and also by using GPS tracking at various checkpoints at scheduled intervals. The security guards can also raise incidents instantly. The security guard performance analytics helps in improving the overall security operations.

  • Patrol Management System
  • Patrol Management Software
  • Guard Patrol Management Software System

Patrol Management System – Key Features

Guard Patrolling

  • Create patrol checkpoints & dynamic routes
  • Shift and Security guard wise route assignment
  • Supports QR Code scanning/NFC/RFID/BLE/GPS technologies for recording the patrol beats
  • Hits/Misses based security guard performance score
  • Patrol performance reports & dashboards
  • Instant Incident reporting with photos/videos
  • Raise SOS or emergency alerts

Guards Rostering & Attendance

  • Security shift rostering, & shift management across multiple sites
  • Roster approval and re-assignment
  • Attendance tracking with clock-in/out provisions
  • Leave eligibility and approval tracking
  • Integrates with most access control/time & attendance systems
  • Overtime tracking & reporting
  • Integration with payroll software
  • Human Resource Management System with Payroll Processing available for managing the entire workforce
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Guard Patrol Mobile App

eFACiLiTY® Patrol app is designed to help guard security officers/managers to track & monitor guard patrols from anywhere and aids guards to conduct their patrols and report incidents instantly with their smartphones!

Security Officers/Managers

  • View guard patrol routes & patrol history (Route-wise, round-wise, check-pointwise hits & misses)
  • Analyse guard performance by viewing the trend charts
  • Guard-wise, route-wise chart with overall score
  • View reported incidents and record new incidents

Patrollers/Security Guards

  • Attendance Clock-in and Clock-out
  • View daily route schedules and assigned checkpoints
  • View history & daily/weekly/month wise hits & trends
  • Raise/report incidents Instantly and upload photographs
  • Receive notifications and raise SOS/Emergency Alerts
  • Guard Patrol Mobile App
  • Guard Patrol Mobile App
  • Guard Patrol Mobile App

Available on App Store and Google Play