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Visitor Management Software / Lobby Management System

Visitor Management Software / Lobby Management System – The security requirements of large organizations and infrastructures are challenging and growing increasingly. Visitors should be screened, registered, signed in quickly and allowed to visit only permissible areas via integration with access control devices. These challenges are managed efficiently by eFACiLiTY® Visitor Management System.

Visitor Management Software – Key Features

  • Online requests for appointment and pre-registration for groups and individuals
  • Appointment approvals and rejections
  • Email / SMS / Mobile app notifications on requests, approvals, and rejections
  • Today’s appointments and expected visitors
  • Central implementation to monitor sites across geographies
  • Visitor self sign-in & sign-out using kiosks
  • Business card scanning, NFC, smartcards / e-passport integration for speedy registrations
  • Enhanced visitor history tracking with badge
  • Visitor photo and signature capture
  • Items carried in / out scanning & returnable items tracking
  • iOS & Android mobile app for visitor pre-registration and meeting approvals
  • Email / SMS / Mobile app notifications on visitor arrival and sign-out
  • Visitor / User Definable Badge / Gate pass designing with Barcoded QR code / vehicle entry permit pass and printing
  • Overstay alerts and emergency SMS alerts
  • MS Exchange / MS Outlook integration for appointments calendar
  • Access control system / turnstile gates integration
  • Multi-level gate pass visitor’s approval workflow
  • Blacklisted verification using face recognition
  • Visitor movement dashboards, statistics, and reports
  • Visitor E-Pass generation