Facility Booking System and Office Reservation System

The facility booking system/meeting room booking system is a web-based facility reservation software that provides complete controllability to manage shared and rentable facilities and resources. It streamlines the reservation and usage of common & individual facilities/equipment by businesses within a building. Facility booking, approval, and billing operations across organizations enhance operational efficiency. Meeting rooms, conference halls, office space, auditoriums, sports facilities, high-cost equipment, training facilities, etc., can be booked through the system seamlessly.

It eliminates the hassles involved in scheduling meetings, booking the required meeting rooms, inviting external and internal visitors, getting the meeting room cleaned before and after the meeting, order refreshments, book car parking spaces, etc., and all this can be done using a single interface.

  • Facility Booking
  • Facility Booking
  • Facility Booking

Key Features

  • Facilities directory
  • Booking requests, approval workflows
  • Visual booking viewing the floor plans – using a graphical interface
  • Confirmation, rejection, suggestion of alternate facilities
  • Re-allocation, cancellation, block/extend a booking
  • Email/SMS/WhatsApp notifications on requests, approvals, and cancellation
  • Billing of reservations & cancellations
  • Managing of inventories for booked facilities
  • Billing with payment gateway integration
  • Inviting internal & external attendees for meetings
  • Scheduling of refreshment orders to catering
  • Switch On/Off HVAC and lighting automatically with BAS/BMS integration before scheduled start time and auto-cut-off after meeting time
  • Pre-register meeting attendees with visitor management
  • Reserve car parking spaces
  • Automatic scheduling of cleaning activities with housekeeping team before and after use
  • Display user availability calendars from MS Exchange
  • Bi-directional MS Exchange/MS Outlook/Active Directory integration

  • Utilization analysis
  • Manage all bookings over the web, kiosk and mobile apps
  • Print QR codes posters and stick outside bookable facilities for users to scan and instantly book the facility
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eFACiLiTY® Smart Facility App

Effortlessly schedule meetings & manage meeting rooms with our mobile app on the move! With eFACiLiTY® Smart Facility App scheduling meetings are a whole lot easier and smooth.

  • Overview of scheduled meetings at a glance in a visual floor plan
  • Quick & advanced facility booking
  • Update/Extend/End an ongoing booking
  • Microsoft Outlook integration for appointments
  • Pre-register external attendees, order refreshments, reserve car parking spaces, etc.,
  • Email/SMS/Push notifications on requests, approvals, and cancellation
  • Facility Booking App
  • Facility Booking
  • Facility Booking

Available on App Store and Google Play

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