• Facility Booking System
  • Conference Room Booking System
  • Meeting Room Booking

Facility Booking System and Office Reservation System

Facility Booking System / Meeting Room Booking System helps streamlining of reservation and usage of common & individual facilities by businesses within a facility or a building complex. The facility booking, approval and billing operations across organizations enhance operational efficiency. Meeting rooms, conference halls, desk space, office space auditoriums, high-cost equipment, training facilities etc., can be booked through the system.

Facility Booking System and Office Reservation System – Key Features

  • Facilities directory
  • Online / offline booking requests
  • Visual booking using graphical interface
  • Confirmation, rejection, suggestion of alternative facilities
  • Re-allocation, cancellation, block / extend booking
  • Booking via kiosks / touch displays with access control system integration, NFC integration
  • Email / SMS notifications on requests, approvals, and cancellation
  • Billing of reservations & cancellations
  • Managing of inventories for booked facilities
  • Billing with payment gateway integration
  • Inviting internal & external attendees for meetings
  • Scheduling of refreshment orders to catering
  • Switch On / Off HVAC and lighting automatically with BAS / BMS integration
  • Pre-registration of attendees with visitor management
  • Car park booking
  • Display user calendars from MS Exchange
  • Bidirectional MS Exchange / MS Outlook integration
  • Utilization analysis
  • Active directory integration