Project Description


The client figures first in the world’s top 5 tyre manufacturers, and is also a fortune 500 French multinational company. Since then the company increased exponentially and as of today is serving worldwide, manufacturing tyres and giving travel assistance as its services. It is best known for its natural rubber, which is a unique material that offers matchless properties like elasticity, permeability, resistance, and electrical insulation.


The tyre manufacturer is a more than a century old organization and has been proving itself in the industry and has expanded rapidly operating in many countries. Its Indian units started a hybrid working model and needed to streamline its workspace but found it difficult to manage the seat booking process manually across various departments. The exercise was more time-consuming and needed a lot of manual intervention, and it was difficult for the admin desk to book each request individually and provide email confirmations. They wanted to remove the complexity of office churn.

Keeping the raging Pandemic in mind, the space available now needs to be handled carefully, following social distancing norms and other covid-19 norms. They wanted a strategic approach in space management that would facilitate cross utilization between the departments. It was not manageable with the legacy system in place. Hence, they were looking for the latest hot-desking software to automate the system and replace the single point of contact (SPOC) for department-wise seat allocation system, and various other strenuous activities.


After much deliberation and research online, the tyre manufacturer found eFACiLiTY® to be its perfect choice to fulfil its diverse requirement in space management. In brief, a space management solution, that integrates with other departments, allows day-of-week-wise department space segregation, allows hot-desk booking through their mobile phones, gives real-time occupancy details, and triggers automated mails and SMS alerts on seat booking.

The tyre manufacturer implemented the eFACiLiTY® space management system in October 2021, post which ten thousand plus bookings have been made to date. Employees effortlessly booked their seats, via their mobile phones, and SMS & Email notifications were triggered automatically to the employees for their confirmation. They were highly impressed with the service eFACiLiTY® gave them and owing to the smooth and successful implementation of space optimization in India, they intend to implement eFACiLiTY® for their European offices as well.


  • Real-time occupancy details
  • Department wise space management
  • Automatic notifications and emails are triggered for every space booked
  • Fully customized web and mobile application
  • Configurable space for defined time slots and shifts
  • Social distancing in the workplace
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