Greenhouse Gas Accounting Software

With the increase in global warming and awareness on climate change, organizations worldwide have realized the imperative need for carbon accounting. Also referred to as greenhouse gas (GHG) inventory tracking, this helps companies set reduction targets for their carbon emissions. Inventorizing the greenhouse gas emissions also help in assigning responsibilities to different stakeholders to reduce their carbon emissions.

eFACiLiTY® Greenhouse Gas Accounting/Carbon Accounting module provides organizations with a comprehensive tool for tracking GHG emissions by capturing all emission creating activities across all sources, accurately calculating the carbon dioxide equivalent (COE2) emissions, and allows them to benchmark their environmental performance against other entities, allowing them to set GHG reduction goals to combat climate change. The software is built as per the GHG protocol which is the world’s most widely used greenhouse gas accounting standards.

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  • GHG inventory software
  • CO2E emissions inventory software

Greenhouse Gas Accounting Software – Key Features

  • Configurable emission types with scope & category (100% green or has emissions)
  • Configure different greenhouse gases along with global warming potential (GWP)
  • Emission source wise greenhouse gas inventory tracking
  • CO2 equivalent emission calculation for benchmarking
  • Track carbon offsets and purchased carbon offsets for GHG emission compensation
  • Track asset-wise emission for CO2E calculation
  • Manage organizational data on upstream and downstream emissions
  • Integration with Waste Management system to track waste-wise/disposal type-wise carbon emission values – Other Indirect – Scope 3 emissions
  • Integration with Travel management system to track business travel-based emission sources – Scope 1 and Scope 2 emissions along with distance travelled

  • Integration with Time and Attendance system to capture employee mode of travel & track employee commute-based emission sources – Scope 3 emissions
  • Integration with environmental sustainability dashboards and energy dashboards to track energy consumption-based emission sources – Other indirect – Scope 2 emissions
  • Integration with Fuel management system for tracking fuel utilization of company-owned & rented vehicles – Direct & indirect emissions – Scope 1 emissions
  • Dashboards to display GHG emissions & carbon footprints for different sources -month-wise/year-wise, offsets purchased, and net CO2E value
  • Source wise target vs actual comparisons and comprehensive analytics
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