Space Management System / Space Planning System

eFACiLiTY® Space Management System is the leading workplace space planning solution that allows to efficiently track & manage department/cost centre/project wise space allocation, seat assignment and helps in implementing hot-desking/on-demand seat booking of shared workspaces in this increased work-from-home era. Usage of floor plans for visual representation for planning, assignment & booking, integration with IoT seat sensors for real-time occupancy data, QR codes for users to scan & book seats, kiosk & mobile based space booking and occupancy trend analysis dashboards makes it very user-friendly to implement. The seamless shared spaces implementation and improved space automation helps organizations to save huge infrastructure costs.

Space Management System

Key Features

  • Multi-site, multi-organization, multi-time zone, and multi-lingual
  • Create and manage space inventory using actual floor plans
  • Hot-desking/on-demand workspace booking using Kiosks, Web & Mobile apps
  • Space assignment and allocation based on departments / Cost Centres / Projects
  • Cross utilization billing between departments / Cost Centres / Projects
  • Configurable space allocation that is specific to defined time-slots and shifts
  • Visual occupancy dashboards for space utilization analysis and optimization
  • Scheduling of cleaning/housekeeping activity against each booking for improved hygiene
  • Instant booking by simply scanning the QR code displayed at any shared workspace
  • Auto assign workspace based on clock-in by user with access control system / time & attendance system integration and also record check-out using the same
  • Automatic space allocation by in a hot-desking environment. The system can intelligently fill spaces area wise/floor wise based on the duration/timing in a more optimal way. This helps in switching on/off lighting, HVAC etc. as and when required automatically which results in significant energy savings and also equipment maintenance and replacement costs.
  • My QR Code: Dynamic, colour coded QR codes displayed on user’s mobile app for validation by security at the entry gates to allow only users with valid space booking
  • Managing of attached facilities while booking each space. Ex: Book a space with an IP phone or additional chair or standing desk provision
  • Occupancy analysis reports for space planners to optimize the available space across multiple sites
  • Extensive reporting capabilities with occupancy charts, dashboards and plethora of reports. Inbuilt KPI and report builder for customized reports.
  • Integration with BIM models for displaying 3-D model of the entire workplace. 2-D display with AutoCAD / Image files.
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Mobile Features

  • Instant booking of workspaces in a hot-desking environment
  • View space allocated for the day
  • Extend or cancel a booking
  • Dynamic My QR Code: Use as Entry Badge/Pass for entry gate security checks
  • Auto Reminders for check-ins based on booking slots

  • Instant booking by simply scanning the QR code displayed at any shared workspace
Space Planning System

Available on App Store and Google Play

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Space Management Software

Kiosk Features

  • Instant booking of workspaces in a hot-desking environment
  • Auto allocate based on optimum energy usage while taking care of individual preferences
  • Allocate and release spaces automatically through Access Control System / NFC integration / IoT Seat Sensors
  • Virtual directory for employee location search through a visual floor plan

Space Management post COVID

The outbreak of COVID-19 and the social distancing norms have impacted the workspace arrangements and eFACiLiTY® is geared to help you manage space optimally with social distancing norms applied.

  • Allows to configure allocation of only alternate desk spaces to maintain “physical” or “social” distancing norm
  • Limit the number of people in a particular area to ensure that it is not crowded by restricting location wise or department wise total space allocations at any given point of time
  • Hot-desking functionality is more critical for organization allowing remote working / work from home (WFH) options
  • Restrict time-slots to disinfect & deep clean work areas
  • Increased traceability by identifying employee wise space occupied, helps to trace the contact
  • Allow seat booking in cafeterias/dining areas applying social distancing norms and defined time-slots
  • Dining areas bookings through QR Code / mobile app for gatekeepers to quickly scan or view and allow entry

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