Project Description

COVID-19 has changed the rules in the way we do business and more so the way we look at the facility management. We at eFACiLiTY®, believe there is no shortage of alternatives at our disposal to optimize facilities management for you. With this tech-dependent generation of people and Smartphones being an inevitable part of the technological changes happening, it is the right time to leverage this aspect to improve facilities management/workplace experience.

QR Codes are ubiquitous today and touch-free being the new reality of the moment, we would say putting in place QR Codes for the whole spectrum of services in your building should be a great start for providing excellent user experience and improved engagement for your facility occupants.

QR Codes are cost-effective, simple to use, and highly effective to engage as they are an excellent channel of communication for instant reporting from occupants/FM team members, be it an issue or feedback.

When paired with the most sophisticated CAFM/IWMS suite like eFACiLiTY® there are substantial benefits of implementing QR codes at people hotspots & workplaces. QR Codes with eFACiLiTY® CAFM/IWMS seamlessly achieves the required mandate of touch-free facility operations, thus making your return to work” safe.

QR Code Posters
eFACiLiTY® provides your facility administrators the ability to quickly design attractive QR Code Posters with personalized images like facility photographs/logos/generic images and print the posters embedding QR Codes that serves a specific action/any number configured action against every location or asset.
QR Code enabled CAFM/IWMS functions
eFACiLiTY® exploits the benefits of QR Codes with the building occupants in the CAFM/IWMS space to achieve a plethora of functions. Below are some of the user-specific applications of QR Codes with eFACiLiTY® to better manage your facilities especially with the post COVID-19 reality.


  • Book Hot-desk/Workspace
  • Reserve Meeting Rooms
  • Provide instant feedback on Washrooms, Workplace, Cafeteria, etc.
  • Raise Service Request or Problem ticket
  • Order a Meal at the Cafeteria
  • Control location-specific lighting, HVAC, Blinds, etc.
  • Link to key facility information like recent water quality report, safety information etc.


  • Self-register
  • Sign-in & Sign-out
  • Open a way-finder
  • Order a Meal at the cafeteria
  • Provide instant feedback on Washrooms, Workplace, Cafeteria, etc.

Technicians/Facility Supervisors

  • View Asset Details
  • Raise a Work Order
  • Record a Helpdesk Call
  • Validate/Verify Asset Location
  • Record Meter Readings
  • View Open Calls/Work Orders
  • Raise Consumable Purchase Orders

Security Officers

  • Scan at checkpoints to mark their patrol trips
  • Mark Attendance, Clock-ins/outs

…. & more

  • Download corporate mobile app instantly
  • View Floor Plans, Safety Instructions, or any specific announcements
  • Lead users to view safety best practices, microburst training, etc.,

Using QR Codes, it is possible to access any feature of eFACiLiTY® which improves occupant engagement, elevates user experience, reduces manual inspections costs and improves turnaround times.

To promote touch-free interactions in your facility, all you have to do is print location-specific QR Code Posters and stick them for your occupants to scan and start interacting.

To know more about how to go the QR code way of touch-free facility management, give us a call or request for a demo!

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