Project Description

ISO 27001 is one of the most widely recognized and internationally accepted information security standards. It identifies requirements for a comprehensive Information Security Management System (ISMS) and defines how organizations should manage and securely handle information, including appropriate security controls.

This certification is an assurance that your information is handled with utmost safety & security at SIERRA by complying with an internationally recognized security standard.

As part of the certification audit, we had to meet rigorous assessment criteria and demonstrate that it has a systematic and ongoing approach to mitigating information security risks, that affect the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of company and customer data and guarantee stringent data governance. The standards and audit considers not only IT but encompasses the entire business operation, including its people, processes, and technology, and assures the robustness and quality of SIERRA’s risk management processes to information security.

eFACiLiTY® product design, development, testing, delivery, support, and implementation aspects are fully covered in the scope of our ISO 27001 certification.

We have formally adopted a broad set of security best practices in product processes & procedures and this certification confirms our continuous commitment to the security, confidentiality, and availability of our services to the clients.

Compliance with this globally recognized standard certifies that our technology, processes, procedures, methodologies, and employees that serve our customer’s requirements follow the leading best practices to secure client’s data with eFACiLiTY®.

We have developed and implemented processes and procedures to provide requirements for establishing, implementing, maintaining, and continually improving the most robust information security management system at SIERRA.