Project Description

It’s quite a revelation that facility management is not in the top of mind for the educational institutions though studies indicate it’s very important in helping them succeed with their mission of imparting knowledge than ever before.

The buildings and the classrooms of the academic institutions, the laboratories, and the spacious auditoriums are all a very special place for the students during their learning phase at the institution, ideally becoming a part of their life in a way.

But is there a way out to make it more user friendly and more sustainable?

Yes, facility management can help make it happen with the educational institution giving them more time to do what they deliver best; educating the students, and make it a world class institution.

Yes, facility management can help make it happen with the educational institution giving them more time to do what they deliver best; educating the students, and make it a memorable experience.

Today the classrooms in the universities and schools have changed, the student’s expectations have risen and all these have infrastructure and assets that are waiting to be maintained and serviced on time and reduce wastage of time and resources. There is a felt need for a facility management system that understands the education institutions and their activities very well.

eFACiLiTY® the leading facility management enterprise suite today helps educational institutions to work better, deliver exceptional campus experience for the students and keep the infrastructure at its best, unlock cost saving with its asset management, preventive maintenance, space management, help desk and visitor management modules to name a few.

  • The eFACiLiTY® Asset Maintenance Management module manages the entire assets of the institution like – the buildings and all building assets, audio-visual equipment, interactive whiteboards, all IT assets including licensed software, sports equipment, lab equipment, vocational training resources, etc. The system can register & track all information of the assets, store its warranty/annual maintenance contracts, auto-schedule preventive maintenance activities thereby reducing sudden failures and helps in extending their life-cycle saving significant costs
  • The HelpDesk & Knowledgebase module helps to manage the service requests efficiently and makes it easy across multiple campuses to control the activities and see that the requests are serviced in time.
  • The Library management module makes easy work of managing the library with a complete record of the requested, issued, returned, extended, and unreturned books. It also helps with billing for lost books and penalties for late returns which can be configured as per the institution’s policy.
  • Cafeteria management helps manage the academic institution’s cafeteria operations with kitchen inventory as an integral part of the module. Apart from regular hostel food management for students, it helps manage meal orders for staff, faculty, & visitors, and the billing can be integrated with access control & payroll systems. It also tracks meal consumption and helps in avoiding food waste.
  • Time & Attendance module provides improved efficiency, accuracy and productivity to the resource management and HR process of educational institutions. With inbuilt roster management and the ability to integrate with access control systems, it provides employee attendance & overtime information and generates late clock-in exceptions to their respective departments, HR and Payroll systems.
  • Payroll Management works seamlessly for academic institutions by managing of both contract and permanent staff payroll processing with varied pay periods. The integration with the Time & Attendance module minimizes manual entries/calculations making the payroll processing fully automated and completely error-free.
  • With Environmental and sustainability dashboards, it helps define sustainability goals to reduce carbon footprint per student. The energy dashboard can have an immediate impact on the savings and help improve energy efficiency.
  • The eFACiLiTY® Smart building controls deliver a futuristic digital experience for the users with a visual floor plan to control HVAC, lighting, automated window blinds, PoE devices, sensors, and all building controls that are integrated with the Building Automation System (BAS/BMS) and helps save energy. It reduces high-touch surfaces and creates a productive, & environmentally approved facility.

eFACiLiTY® with its dynamic data-driven dashboards increases the visibility of all facets of the facility operations in schools, colleges and universities leading to increased efficiencies and reduced operational costs.

To date, eFACiLiTY® has impacted a lot of institutions across the Middle East, India, and South East Asia. Some of the prominent institutions include:

  • Global Indian International School (GIIS), Singapore
  • Qatar University, Doha
  • Royal College of Surgeons, Ireland (World-leading International Health Sciences Education and Research Institution)
  • UTM Holdings SDN BHD, Malaysia (a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Universiti Teknologi)
  • The Indian Public School (TIPS), India

To know how we can help you with facility management at your institution, just call for a demo, and you will be on your way to reduced breakdowns of your assets, saving significant costs, and deliver exceptional student experience on the campus.