Project Description

DiGi, Malaysia has chosen SIERRA’s eFACiLiTY® – Facility Booking System for its new office building complex that will house more than 500 office spaces with many conference halls and meeting rooms.

DiGi Telecommunications is a leading mobile communications company in Malaysia and is coming up with a state of the art facility that will adopt to the Hot–Desking concept. DiGi employees can book / reserve their work spaces, meeting rooms and conference halls via their Intranet.

The facility booking system uses integrated windows authentication & single–sign–on for ease of access and the booking interface can be launched directly from the Microsoft Outlook email client software that is managed by an Outlook Add–In developed using the Visual Studio software.

Users of the system can search for available facilities, book for one or more facilities, order refreshments, invite external & internal attendees via the facility booking system.

The system has a unique Visual Booking interface using which the users can click on the building’s floor plan and choose the particular work space or meeting room by highlighting on the floor plan. The availability, seating capacity and other information is available just on moving the mouse over the various facilities.

The system also has a Visual Designer interface using which the administrator can import AutoCAD floor plans, setup the available conference rooms, meeting rooms and work spaces by dragging and dropping the icons and linking to the facilities master. This will enable DiGi to setup its own visual booking interface for future expansion and do alterations as required.

The project is expected to go live in May, 2006 when DiGi occupies the new office premises.