Heading the physical security is a critical role to play. It comes with several challenges like ensuring that foolproof patrolling, managing the guards’ availability, performance monitoring, incident reporting, etc.

To ensure that these challenges are well managed, it is important to have a guard patrol management system that will enable you to get the best out of your security guards/patrol officers and improve the security of your facilities in one or many locations.

Presenting eFACiLiTY® Patrol Management System to augment safety & security at your facilities!

eFACiLiTY® Patrol Management System enables precise planning, scheduling, monitoring, and tracking of your security activities and ensures 100% security of your facility/property and assets.

It is an intuitive software that has both mobile and web components that enables security managers in diverse industries to manage and track security patrol operations, incident reporting, shift rostering, leave tracking, attendance, and more. It reduces the amount of manual supervision required with automated monitoring, workflows, and alerts.


You can now use your smartphones to track the attendance & active patrolling of your guards with eFACiLiTY® Patrol App!

Security Officers/Managers

  • View guard patrol routes & patrol history (Route-wise, round-wise, check-pointwise hits & misses)
  • Analyse guard performance by viewing the trend charts
  • Guard-wise, route-wise chart with overall score
  • View reported incidents and record new incidents

Patrollers/Security Guards

  • Attendance Clock-in and Clock-out
  • View daily route schedules and assigned checkpoints
  • View history & daily/weekly/month wise hits & trends
  • Raise/report incidents Instantly and upload photographs
  • Receive notifications and raise SOS/Emergency Alerts


Guard Patrolling

  • Create patrol checkpoints & dynamic routes
  • Shift and Security guard wise route assignment
  • Supports QR Code scanning/NFC/RFID/BLE/GPS technologies for recording the patrol beats
  • Hits/Misses based security guard performance score
  • Patrol performance reports & dashboards
  • Instant Incident reporting with photos/videos
  • Raise SOS or emergency alerts

Guards Rostering & Attendance

  • Security shift rostering, & shift management across multiple sites
  • Roster approval and re-assignment
  • Attendance tracking with clock-in/out provisions
  • Leave eligibility and approval tracking
  • Integrates with most access control/time & attendance systems
  • Human Resource Management System with Payroll Processing available for managing the entire workforce
Patrol Saving

Investing in a guard patrol management system to safeguard your facility will lead to improved performance and potential savings as part of your end-to-end workforce management.

Get in touch with our team to know how eFACiLiTY® Patrol Management System can complement your security management operations at your facilities.

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