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Enterprise Facility Management Software

  • Enterprise Facility Management System

    eFACiLiTY® is a modular facilities management system that works together with your business and allows day-to-day management of the processes, automates operations, provides a management dashboard for critical analysis and enables enterprise wide control in the most intelligent and efficient way.

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    Maintenance Management System

  • Track, maintain and manage your Assets
  • Multi site, multi organization and multi level asset tree
  • Generate and manage preventive & breakdown maintenance work orders
  • Vendor, Contractor and SLA management
  • Extensive inventory / stores module to manage spare parts
  • User friendly performance dashboards (KPIs) and 250+ preconfigured reports
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    Helpdesk & Knowledgebase

  • Record and manage calls received via online, Phone, email and BMS
  • Assign, distribute and monitor problems reported
  • SLA Management & Escalation
  • Recording of all events, follow-ups
  • Raise, track and close the work orders
  • Knowledgebase to Search and Record Solutions
  • Call response analysis
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    Visitor Management System

  • Online requests for appointments
  • Pre-registration of groups/individual visitors
  • Business card scanning for speedy registrations
  • Photo & Signature capture integration
  • Access control system integration for movement tracking
  • Visitor / Contractor - badge / pass printing
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    Facility Booking System

  • Web enabled facility reservation
  • Inviting Internal & External attendees for meetings
  • Car Park reservation and Visitor Management integration
  • Scheduling of refreshments orders to catering
  • Billing & Usage Analysis
  • Switch On/off HVAC and Lighting automatically
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    Time and Attendance System

  • Shift management and Roster generation
  • Leaves processing & workflow management
  • Track time-in and time-out of every personnel
  • Overtime calculation and reporting
  • Integration with multiple access control systems
  • Export data to Payroll systems
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    Space Management System

  • Manage space inventory
  • Visually plan and allocate space
  • Department / project wise occupancy analysis, charge backs
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    Building Management System Integration

  • BMS Alarm based Automatic Work Order generation
  • Email / SMS notifications
  • Automated meter reading and tenant billing
  • Trigger usage based preventive maintenance work orders
  • Equipment On/Off and Controlling automatically
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    Tenant Billing System

  • Manage Property, Tenant, Owner and Lease information
  • Zone wise charges on different parameters
  • Automatic meter reading via BMS and manual option
  • Automatic Bill generation
  • Occupancy / Vacancy Analysis
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    Travel Requests Management System

  • Register travel requests along with individual preferences
  • Combined request for ticketing, visa, hotel & cab reservations, foreign currency purchase etc.
  • Multi-level / multi-department approval workflow management
  • Raising work orders for vendors
  • Chargeback cross-department, cross-account/project
  • Extensive reporting and integration with financial applications
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    Mail Room Service Manager

  • Easy tracking of the Outgoing and Incoming Consignments
  • Provision to generate barcode for the consignments
  • Triggering of mails on receiving and delivering of consignments
  • Performance analysis of service providers
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    Energy Dashboards

  • Resource wise consumption trends
  • Alerts on excess utilization
  • Carbon saving and monetary savings reports
  • Green building certification related reports
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    eFACiLiTY Mobile

  • Asset creation & validation
  • Inspection & readings capture
  • Work order processing
  • Online and offline batch processing options
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    eFACiLiTY Extension Tools

  • Create your own KPIs, reports and dashboards
  • Drill Down provision to view detailed reports
  • Pivot grids for more detailed analysis
  • Link custom reports, KPIs to menu system
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    eFACiLiTY Workflow Engine

  • Set up complex workflow rules and logics as per needs
  • Routing of workflows based on user actions
  • Auto reminders on pending approvals
  • Customizable email messages
  • Detailed audit log / history
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    BAE Systems
    CBRE Commercial Real Estate Services
    Sheraton Darling Harbor
    Japan Tobacco International
    Societe Generale
    Pizza Hut
    Millennium Hilton
    Schneider electric