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Workflow Engine

Workflow Engine is a full-fledged workflow management tool that allows administrators to implement complex workflows involving multi-level approvals, rule based branching to all eFACiLiTY® functions. This extends the customization and expansion capabilities of eFACiLiTY® without disturbing the base software.

Workflow Engine – Key Features

  • The Workflow Engine application helps in setting up additional business processes like approval mechanisms without modifying the base application
  • Set up workflow rules and logics to manage complex and diverse business processes of every organization
  • Routing of workflows based on user actions like approvals, rejections and update of key information
  • Easily configurable approval / request / email / messages
  • Reminders on pending approvals
  • Within / outside network approvals enabling remote approvals
  • Supports web service calls, WCF calls, stored procedure calls, SQL query builder etc.
  • Detailed tracking of all operations, maintaining audit log / history

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