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‘CAP 2.0 Committed’ Award under SME category received by Mr. Giridhar JG

L-R: Ms. Seema Arora, Deputy Director General, CII, Mr Sumant Sinha, Co-Chair, CII Climate Change Council, CMD, Renew Power, Mr Giridhar, CEO, SIERRA ODC, Mr C K Mishra, Secretary, Ministry of Environment, Forest and Climate Change, Mr. B Rajagopal, President, DSM India.

Confederation of Indian Industry organised the Climate Leadership Conference and CAP 2.0° Awards at Le Meridien, New Delhi on 1 August 2019.

Award ceremony for the winners of the Climate Action Programme (CAP) 2.0°.
The CAP 2.0° Awards are a recent initiative launched by CII to make Indian companies’ climate resilient. This follows the CII climate maturity model combined with the principles of business excellence to allow Indian companies contract climate risks and exploit market opportunities. SIERRA has won this prestigious Award. The National Recognition Award was presented by Shri C K Mishra, Secretary, Ministry of Environment, Forest and Climate Change, Government of India in the presence of Mr Sumant Sinha, Co-Chairman, CII Climate Change Council, Chairman and Managing Director, Renew Power, Mr B Rajagopal, President, DSM India, Ms. Seema Arora, Deputy Director General, CII. The Award was received by Mr. Giridhar JG, CEO & Managing Director, SIERRA ODC Private Limited.

Climate Action Program 2.0°
CAP 2.0° is a climate change agreement ratified by more than 190 countries at the United Nations Conference on Climate Change. It sets out a framework and goals aimed at limiting the increase in average global temperature to well below 2 degrees Celsius. It is significant since the climatologists predict that if the planet warms a total of 2 degrees more than its pre-industrial revolution average temperature, the results could be catastrophic.

Uniqueness of the Award
A national programme to recognize climate action by industries using a three dimensional assessment methodology that aims to raise the bar on climate action. A team of qualified CII certified assessors assessed applications over a period of five months and provided unbiased analysis. Some of its distinguishing characteristics include:

  • Overseen by an independent non-industry based Jury
  • 700 man-hours spent by certified CAP Assessors per application
  • Feedback report provided at the end of the complete cycle based on the framework
  • GAP analysis provided to companies taking part in self-assessment
  • Based on a CII Climate-Maturity model and using the principles of business excellence framework

SIERRA was one of the 6 organizations awarded along with the Delhi International Airport Limited, ACC Limited, Dalmia Bharat Limited, Toyota Kirloskar Motor Private Limited and Kings International Limited.

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