Project Description


Tata Intellion Park Chennai was created to effectuate Ramanujan IT City (SEZ) at Chennai. Ramanujan IT City SEZ is one of India’s foremost technological complexes and Tata Realty Infrastructure Limited’s (TRIL) flagship project in Chennai. The project is a joint venture between TRIL, Indian Hotels Company Limited (IHCL), and Tamil Nadu Industrial Development Corporation (TIDCO). It incorporates business accommodation and hospitality along with a state-of-art luxury serviced apartment with all amenities. It has a 1500-seater international convention center operated by the Indian Hotel Company Limited (IHCL).



Tata Intellion Park’s FM team was handling service requests via telephone, email, personal interaction, etc., and was managing escalations through email. With many employees working at the business park, managing the service requests & resolving them based on priority was an extremely difficult job.

The FM team faced another challenge of manually monitoring & logging energy readings from the panel boards placed at different locations in the premises at regular intervals every day. For a 25.37-acre business park and 4.6 million sq. ft. IT-ITES space, 6 towers, and 120 luxury serviced apartments, the manual-based system proved to be time-consuming and also inefficient for reviewing during inspection and audits.

With a high volume of visitors entering the premises every day, the need for screening visitors and providing badges with restricted access to ensure security in the business park was also a challenge.

The team did not have a system in place to measure the energy consumption of all equipment/assets in their facilities which proved to be difficult for monitoring energy usage on such large premises.

So, Tata Intellion Park was looking for a comprehensive solution that will cater to all their requirements in their multi-tenanted park to automate their facility management processes, optimize their FM operations, and seamlessly integrate with their building management system (BMS) to capture energy utilization.


Tata Intellion Park reviewed multiple CAFM/CMMS/EAM products and was impressed with the scale of extensive experience SIERRA had in implementing facility management solutions for multi-tenanted facilities and found eFACiLiTY® to be the right fit to fulfil all their FM requirements across their business campus.

eFACiLiTY® was implemented at Tata Intellion Park in 2018 to automate multiple facility management operations like streamlining maintenance & helpdesk, managing daily visitors, and monitoring energy consumption. eFACiLiTY® offered its most efficient software modules with a smart mobile application to fulfil its diverse requirements.

Implementing eFACiLiTY® Helpdesk and Knowledgebase allowed the FM team to set up a centralized ticketing system that allowed them to manage service requests, IT-related requests, etc., raised by occupants across their business park. eFACiLiTY® proved to be an ideal helpdesk solution that enabled them to manage all their service/support requests efficiently. With the smart mobile application, the team was able to swiftly assign technicians to resolve priority helpdesk tickets quickly with defined SLAs.

Implementing eFACiLiTY® Enterprise Asset Management (EAM/CMMS) enabled the FM team to streamline all their maintenance operations, track & manage all their assets present within their business campus. eFACiLiTY® offered a streamlined maintenance solution with a smart mobile app that complied with all their needs and eliminated the usage of logbooks for recording the maintenance-related readings/information saving huge costs and improving productivity.

eFACiLiTY® Energy Dashboards/Environmental Sustainability Dashboards provided a high-level view of the energy utilization by seamlessly integrating with their building management system Johnson Control that helped the FM team to monitor and measure the energy performance of the building across their business campus to make informed decisions and reduce energy wastage.

Implementing eFACiLiTY® Visitor Management System enabled the FM team to track & manage an average of 1200+ visitors per day and allowed administrators to generate QR-code stickers for visitors to instantly scan and register themselves to sign into the premises.

eFACiLiTY® Smart Facility App extended the web-based operations of eFACiLiTY® to mobile devices and provided mobility & flexibility to the technicians. It offered asset tracking, inspections & audits, mobile work order management, quick visitor check-in, etc., and catered to all end-user requirements, delivering an enhanced user experience.


” eFACiLiTY® helps us in managing our facility more efficiently.

eFACiLiTY® also made visitor sign-in a breeze for our visitors. They can just scan the QR code posters with their smartphones, self-register, and enter the premises. Also, the intuitive energy dashboard easily integrates with our building management system and gives us data on various building parameters that help us to make better-informed decisions for conserving energy.

We’re glad to have implemented eFACiLiTY® in our business park and happy with the world-class support & overall positive impact that eFACiLiTY® has on our team’s efficiency! “

– Thiruppathy T S, AGM Technical PFM/TRIL INFOPARK Ltd., India


With eFACiLiTY®, Tata Intellion Park has the following substantial benefits:

  • Resolved tickets with quick TAT & streamlined helpdesk ticket processing
  • Automated maintenance processes & reduced maintenance costs
  • Efficient energy consumption tracking & monitoring
  • Mobility and flexibility to the FM team aimed at enhanced customer service
  • Intuitive dashboards & extensive report generation capabilities for performance evaluation
  • Seamlessly integrated with:

    • Access Control System
    • Barcode/QR code scanner/NFC
    • Building Automation System/Building Management System (BAS/BMS)
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