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It is rather difficult to keep track of and manage the several assets used in a fairly large facility. It can be a tedious and time-consuming task subject to human fallibility. Thankfully, thoughtful companies have developed software solutions that take out the drudgery and improve the overall efficiency, contributing to a healthy bottom line in the process.  Moreover, the precious time saved is substantial. Here are 8 awesome benefits of Computerized Maintenance Management Software (CMMS).

Extended life for Assets

A major benefit is an extended life an asset enjoys, making the investment worthwhile. More often than not, the life of an asset depends on the way it is handled and maintained. If maintenance is carried out promptly, which is possible only through a proactive approach, the life of the asset gets extended automatically. Enabling preventive maintenance, a CMMS helps keep track of minute details and schedules maintenance jobs, monitors the progress, and generates work orders automatically, reminding the Facility Managers about the pressing tasks to be carried out.

Minimum Downtime

When a CMMS is in place, it effectively manages all the assets in the building, thereby reducing downtime which translates to cost savings and overall efficiency. By virtue of knowing the precise condition of every single asset, breakdowns are reduced. With reminders and escalations built into the system, work orders are generated automatically and an asset never lies useless and idle for too long. Reduced downtime also adds to the morale of the workforce and increases efficiency.

Obsolete or upgradable?

It is easy to detect whether and when any of your assets are becoming obsolete or need to be upgraded. The track history of each asset helps manage machines and systems efficiently and decide on a quick upgrade or replacement. Detecting impending faults helps prevent breakdowns, saving time and money in the process.

Compliance rendered easier

With several assets used in most organizations needing to comply with certain regulations and mandatory conditions, it is easier to fulfill compliance needs through a CMMS. The software ensures that necessary checks are conducted at the right time, and even documents the findings to substantiate compliance. For instance, the hazard of maintaining time-sensitive fire-fighting equipment is taken care of effectively.

Efficient maintenance

Whether it is the vendors or contractors entrusted with the task of maintaining assets, either needs to be given correct information on time to carry out necessary maintenance tasks quickly. A CMMS not only stores information about the vendors and contractors but also tracks the requirement of parts and triggers work orders, which it shares with them and the respective departments in the company.

Inventory control

Apart from keeping the assets in working condition, it is important to have a well-managed inventory. Be it replenishing spares or office necessities, inventory is the key to the uninterrupted functioning of an organization. In addition to keeping a sharp eye on inventory levels, a CMMS also helps manage the SLA without any breaches. What’s more is tons of paperwork is saved automatically, not to mention the time.

Better productivity

When assets are maintained efficiently it automatically leads to increased productivity throughout the organization. The staff assigned to take care of the assets will find that they have more time on their hands that can be gainfully used, thanks to the CMMS. With unexpected breakdowns virtually ruled out, most of the departments will report less downtime. Moreover, scheduling maintenance and repair tasks become much more efficient.

Financial planning and forecasting

In order to effectively manage costs, it is important for an organization to have access to financial information. CMMS can generate cost reports for all the assets in the facility, thereby offering a perfect solution. These reports will be crucial for budgeting and forecasting by providing vital information like total expenditure and costs involved in procuring and maintaining such assets.

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