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Project Management System

Project Management Software System helps in tracking the progress of all the tasks in a project and monitors the performance of all the executives involved in the project.

Project Management System – Key Features

  • Integrated project management system maintains the project details, timesheets to generate the analysis report
  • Offers project planning & tracking with a comprehensive breakdown of the project details including the tasks to be completed / pending, assigned team member for a particular task and the time required to complete the tasks can be done
  • Sharing and collaborating on documents, calendars and contact lists
  • Review of project status – The project status can be viewed instantly with hours consumed so far and remaining project hours
  • Dashboard view of task summary, current overrun and projected overrun
  • Allows data to be exported to text files, spreadsheets. Email notifications and alerts
  • As per settings, mail is triggered for weekly expected time shortage, timesheet submission & daily expected hours
  • For project and non-project tasks, employees can submit timesheets daily, balance hours and completed percentage

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